Impact of the COVID-19 on Indian education system?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems severely. In India government as a part of the nationwide lockdown has closed all educational institutions. UNESCO estimated that about 32 crores students are affected in India. Every student, teacher, etc. are all affected by this and only online education is saving this sector. Technology has emerged as a savior as it is the only way to close the communication gap between teachers and students. Every student and teachers are coming in this boat. Students are taking classes online and the ones who wants tuitions are also getting classes by searching their nearby tutors. RevisEdu is a company which is helping lot of institutions, teachers as well as student by providing all the facilities of online education. Moreover, it will provide an opportunity for educators to come up with customized learning solutions for every student. Digital learning has many advantages in itself like digital learning has no physical boundaries, it has more learning engagement experience rather than the traditional learning, it is also cost-effective and students get to learn in the confines of their comfort zone. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the work from home (WFH) culture is booming in India. A complete revolution in the way we learn today has been brought about by Technology. From schools to universities it is a blessing and has the chances of a great opportunity in the future.

How education sector is transforming?

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. There was a time when teachers would teach the way they had learnt, with little regard to the needs of the student. World is changing day by day and everything is getting transformed so as the education sector also. Earlier teachers used to teach students orally, then started teaching on board, then through projectors and now e-education has come. Initially school was driven by religious interests, eventually it became more about government or political interest, and now it is in most cases about ensuring our people have an advantage on the world stage. From student point of view there is wide field of education present now where he/she can learn anything through both offline and online, and e-education has provided an additional benefit for students through which students can watch live lectures, recorded videos, etc. through online platform providing company i.e. RevisEdu which helps students get their teachers nearby and teachers can also get students in their nearby areas. RevisEdu also helps coaching institutions to provide education to their students through app at home, helps in maintaining time table and also helps to provide homework, which can be simply said that RevisEdu provides an online school.

How revised works

RevisEdu is an Indian educational technology firm which provides both online as well as offline education. In the new era of education online teaching is the new trend which is following now. Due to COVID-19 education sector is severely affected. So as to save education sector, e- education has emerged as a savior for this sector. RevisEdu has emerged as a medium to provide e-education in this new era. It provides best facilities for both the teachers as well as students and act as a communication bridge between them. For students who are searching for best teachers nearby their areas get details through our portal and get access to online classes by their selected teachers at home and on the other hand we also provides students to the teachers in their nearby areas. Simply in other words RevisEdu is an online school where all activities are done including attendance, homework, online classes, time-table, etc. We also provides website domain, App in the name of coaching institutions so that they get a full facility for their institution students at very low prices as compared to market prices. RevisEdu provides support to all our customers and has a dedicated staff which supports at every step. We are serving our clients and continuously working to become a leading organization in India.

How education can enlighten you?

Education is the way for development of human personality, as it is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. It widens your thinking capacity, knowledge, etc. Nowadays as food, water, air is compulsory to survive, education is also compulsory in the current world of competition. Competition is growing day by day and every organization or company wants skilled, experience and knowledgeable employees who have the potential to perform better. Surveys were also conducted which represented that people who are uneducated are more prone to do criminal activities, follows previous traditional activities, and are more prone to do violence. Education not only expands your knowledge it also makes you a good human being by teaching you etiquettes, improves your personal and social behavior. Education is a deep ocean which has unlimited depth and everyone has the right to get education whether he/she is poor or rich and is the only way to enlighten our lives.

Positive effect of E-learning

Benefits of learning online or offline are practically the same but the main difference between online and offline learning is location. It save time by reducing tarvel and choosing between different priorities and needs. This also gives you more time to spend on people and other activities. Being unlimited to factors of location and flexibility of time means every learner can benefit form the courses. With online learning the traning can be managed from anywhere in the world. Online learning is comfortable to many you can search and seek the courses of yours interest from across the globe and educate yourselves. Online learning gives educators an opportunity to reach students who may not be able to enroll in a traditional classroom course and supports students who need to work on their own schedule and at their own pace.

Grow your tuition business

When you get register with Revised, you will get a mobile app and website so you can teach online with all needed tool required for a perfect live class. Revised will post your live class details so more number of students can get good and quality education and by that it is become beneficial to both student and teacher.

Find best teacher

Getting quality and affordable education is very difficult now a days. perform a key role here ,you can get details about teacher, compare them with live data, take free classes if available and then choose best tuition or school for yourself.

Education for all

There is a famous line " if you educate a person you changes the destiny of his next seven generation". This is the time when education should be available for all and money should not create a barrier between school and student.