Thinking of Online, let’s think offline as well!

In this era of online learning and teaching, we are missing the core of face to face interactions. In online live classes it is possible but not possible for recorded classes.

Our vision at RevisEdu is to help both of the sections of learners (offline and Online learners) by providing them an overall solution where they can learn offline in classroom and they can also choose online classes so that they can learn at their convenience. We will introduce best coaching centres and great coaching seeking students so that they can help each other in their goals.

This combination of Online & Offline teaching & learning with superior technology will create an extra ordinary Learning experience for students and helps them achieve greater improvement.

Who are we?

RevisEdu is India's first leading tutoring company which enables students to learn LIVE with some of India's best-curated teachers if students want to learn online and help them finding best coaching institute with great faculty if students want to learn offline in classroom. RevisEdu is committed to help both of the communities of students and coaching institutes in achieving their desired goals. Currently morethan 100 coaching institutes and morethan 1000 students are connected to RevisEdu and getting benefited.

Our technology enables teachers to provide study notes, assignments and take attendance through our App. It enables students to complete assignments, give online tests. It also helps parents in having a detailed view of class taken, subjects learnt and assignments evaluation.

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